"You Provided Our Family With An Irreplaceable Gift"

"You have provided our family with an irreplaceable gift of my Dad. Throughout the interview, he surprised us with stories we had never heard before!

The final video resulted in a valuable, well put-together documentary for our families to enjoy for years to come.

I would highly recommend the Goldsmiths and Video of a Lifetime to anyone considering preserving their family memories."

Terry & Tony Burkardt
Wesley Chapel, FL

"Our Children Loved Watching the Video of Their Grandmother"

"We were thrilled with the video of my mother's life story. Jan did a superb interview with my mother. We learned facts from her past and her parents’ past too. It was very informative along with being entertaining. Our children loved watching their grandmother's story and can't wait to share it with their children when they are older.

We all agree how important it is to have the knowledge of our ancestors’ lives. It makes us who we are today."

Charlene and Rick Davis
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"We Are Forever Grateful to Have This Cherished Memory"

"Jan has the authentic talent of capturing the spirit of the person she interviews with her deep questioning and earnest interest. While interviewing my mother, she wove the interview to blend the history of the times with the personal anecdotes of my mother's story, thus giving her life meaning and context. We are forever grateful to have this cherished memory."

Anne Dancu and family
Naples, FL

"There Could Never Be a Better Gift"

"My family loved the video of our Mom, but when she passed away unexpectedly, it became even more valuable. We now watch her video on Mother’s Day and holidays. It’s so heartwarming to hear her voice and see her laugh and sing again. It’s like she’s there with us. There could never be a better gift. It becomes more valuable as the years go by ..."

Judi Thompson
Naples, FL

"Their Gift for Storytelling is Unique and Inspirational"

"It has been a true honor to have known and worked with the Goldsmiths for over 30 years. Of the hundreds of television professionals I have met over the years, they rank among the very best. Their gift for storytelling is truly unique and inspirational. They know how to get to the heart of a story and tell it in a way that resonates powerfully with those who hear it.

The Goldsmiths bring an unparalleled sophistication and experience in writing, producing and story telling. After some 21 Emmy Awards, and numerous other national TV awards for writing, hosting and producing, the Goldsmiths discovered a passion for preserving an individual’s life story. A well told personal legacy documentary can have a tremendous impact on creating a powerful sense of belonging through family history."

Caroline Satchell, Senior VP McGinn and Company
Arlington, VA

"The Finished Product Will Exceed Your Expectations"

"I contracted Jan Goldsmith to interview and video my 90 year old mother. Jan was easy to work with, provided an enjoyable atmosphere and was very professional. My mother is a quiet and reserved person and Jan did a very nice job setting my mother at ease. As a result, my mother was able to reflect on stories when she was a small child and share these events with us. These were stories I had never heard of from my mother prior to this interview with Jan and her team.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of Jan's talents with regard to this service offering. The memories will be forever and captured on video. By the way, Jan's team is every bit as good in the editing room. The finished product will exceed your expectations. It did with us. A very satisfied customer, "

Eddie Albert
Coral Springs, FL

"So Grateful to Have This Lasting Memory"

"I've know Jan for a few years, but she and her family have know my father for over 40 years. We were talking about him one day and the the interesting life he led. I mentioned that we have been trying for years to get him to write his memoirs but as he was always so busy he never had time. When Jan mentioned that she and her husband produced video memoirs, I jumped at the opportunity to have one made of our father.

The entire process was extremely professional and very thorough. Starting with his biographical information to his motivations, philosophies hopes and dreams for the future, and onto his family and life experiences. She gleaned extensive information all the while being extremely sensitive in order to understand the man he was. For us to have his amazing life story in his own words was extremely important. The final product was more than we expected, complete with additional details, photographs and music that rounded out the video. It was very emotional and poignant to hear him describe his life.

Sadly, we lost our father a few months ago. I am so grateful to have this lasting memory of him, one that will be with us and our future generations forever. We have a new grandson who whilst fortunate to meet his great grandfather did not know him. He will now know his great grandfather, this wonderful, gentle, giving man we honor as our father. I would highly recommend Jan and her company, with no reservations."

Sharda Spahr,
Naples, FL

"Photos Could Never Capture These Feelings and Love"

"My parents, Helen and Elmer Loudermilk, had a dream in 1966 to create a time and space for their relatives to get together to share stories, laugh, and just enjoy their extended family. Now, a half century later, the yearly tradition continues at our family farm in Greencastle, Indiana. Jan and John Goldsmith’s family reunion videos capture the essence and the emotional love that so naturally flows as we greet each other, play croquet, and bob for apples! Their videos have a tremendous impact on young and old alike as they allow us to be visually and emotionally immersed. This creates and strengthens relationships because they can actually see and feel and be part of that memory. Photos could never capture these feelings and love. Many of our aunts, uncles and cousins in those early videos are now gone. To be able to still watch and hear them tell their stories is a blessing to us all. We are forever grateful for my parents’ vision to create this wonderful tradition, and for Jan and John, who through their videos, allow us all to maintain such wonderful memories."

Linda and Victor Hunter
Greencastle, IN

"Jan Truly Resonates With the Heart of the Story"

"There are professionals who understand the visual and technical requirements needed to produce a quality family documentary, and then there are those who truly resonate with the heart of the story.

Jan Goldsmith has the expertise and innate ability to do both."

Denyse Smith Mesnik, APR, President of the Mesnik Group
Naples, FL