What We Do

We Make Your Legacy a Present for Future Generations

A Creative, Inspiring, Heartwarming Window Through Time

Wouldn’t you love to watch a video chronicling the life of your parents or grandparents? To hear them actually talk about the joys, challenges, highlights, accomplishments and changes that comprised their lives? Most of us do not have that privilege, but you now have a chance to make that happen for the future generations in your life!

VIDEO OF A LIFETIME preserves your history by creating a personal broadcast quality video documentary that celebrates your life, your story, your legacy…in your own words. A gift to be cherished by future generations, a legacy biography truly is a creative, inspiring, heart-warming window through time.

You’ve already written the story…with your life. Our job is to find the touchstones, the special people, places, and events and present them in such a way that is informative, flattering and eminently entertaining. Think in terms of a History Channel, National Geographic, or Biography Channel profile of a celebrity. That's the style. But much more depth. The length depends upon the story as it unfolds, the variety of people (interviews) helping us tell it, and the materials to which we have access. But a ball park number would be around 30-45 minutes. Our packages include all shooting, editing, writing, interviewing, research, narrating, transcribing, production equipment, locating and acquiring archival footage, and coordinating transfers of your home movies/videos. The finished video will be presented on either USB flash drives or custom made final archival DVDs, rated by the manufacturer to last 1000 years! Our charge is all inclusive except for any expenses associated with out of town travel, or if desired, hiring celebrities to narrate.

We understand that this type of quality production is not for everyone. But for those privileged enough to be able to pass down their family history, your legacy, by way of a broadcast quality production to future generations, then we at VIDEO OF A LIFETIME, are definitely the ones to do it.

Since we only do a few productions like this per year, please contact us early if you are interested. We would be happy to meet with you to explain further or answer any questions you might have.

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